Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Loose pictures

I believe this is Annie O. Oliver

This is Ralph Oliver on the left.
I wish I knew who the man on the right is!
The pose is intimate- like family.

This says, "Corinna, ME Aug 27, '21 E.O. (Elsie Oliver) T.A. (boyfriend?)
J.O. (or S.O.?) F.O. (Frank Oliver) A.P. (Annie P. from another labeled copy)

Frank Oliver with Daughter Elsie in center.

Woman with Frank Oliver

Frank Oliver with Older Brother

Another woman with Frank Oliver

Frank Oliver with another woman on the Betty Alden at Plymouth.

Photo studio in Dexter, ME

I suspect the woman far left is Abigail Coan.
The two middle women may be her sisters Emma & Orinda
The girl far right may be Abigail's surviving daughter Annie O.
or the daughter Emma G. who died at 15 when Annie was 12.
Annie was 3 years younger than Emma, so I doubt she'd be left out of the picture

Annie Oliver & the woman who was pictured with Frank above.
Same steamer- Betty Alden. Perhaps Elsie took these pictures.
There is a picture of Elsie at Plymouth Rock I'll dig up to estimate her age.

This is Annie O. Oliver on the left.

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